Tre Bella, Inc.

Tre Bella, Inc.

We started Tre Bella 7 years ago.  What started as a very small scale florist that was run from my house has turned into a much bigger business than we could have imagined and one that has filled us with love, laughter, friendship, and tons of fun.  Our relationship with flowers started fairly young in the gardens of our parent’s victorian house (that was the weeding stage of our relationship which fortunately has developed into the much more fun stage of arranging).  We still visit our parents and do a bunch of weeding on those trips but also enjoy taking a break (above shows the three of us walking around Goat Island, Niagara Falls last year on one such trip to visit our parents).

We are so grateful to all the wonderful brides, grooms, families, coordinators and vendors we are able to work with.  And we are so lucky that we have the nicest, sweetest staff.  We look forward to working with you to create a memorable wedding day.


Becky, Rachael & Kate

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